About Us

Patrick Smith started in the sheep farming business in 1974 with no previous farming experience. Pat's previous role as an educator and consultant in the area of computer technology proved to be a valuable asset in the management of what is now one of the largest sheep farms in Canada. The farm is run efficiently with minimal labour leveraging our experience thru computer software programs the RFID based Farmworks, OviRation, Ovissey and custom spreadsheets to manage replacement selection using established and proven criteria. Pat returned in late 2010 to be involved full time. Raymond Funk manages the operation daily and in addition we have a full time farm worker and Pat’s wife Judy who manages the nursery.

Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms Ltd. (formerly Sarto Sheep Farm) started out with 80 pure Suffolk ewes and today has 2350 primarily straight Rideau Arcott and 45 unregistered farm grown Rideau Arcott rams. This a closed flock, no new rams have been added since 2007. We've worked on our genetics over the past 40 years and our ewes require minimal labour, produce large numbers of triplets and quads, however we only keep two lambs per ewe and bottle feed the extras. This is much easier on the ewes and ensures all the lambs are well fed. In 2012 our ewes dropped over 5000  lambs, and we’ve marketed over 4100 as replacements and meat animals.

In addition to producing lambs for market we sell breeding stock and provide on farm management training for your purchased flock. Our stock has been selected for minimal labour, a targeted goal for 3.4 lambs per ewe per year, minimal mortality (target of <7% per total farm), 'Gretsky type' rams, and a maximum feed efficiency ratio since feed is your biggest cost!

We have developed our brand and provide consistent quality breeding stock and market lambs.
"Our Ewes grow your Profit!"

Who we are
Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms Ltd. is a family-owned and operated sheep business located in south eastern Manitoba, (central Canada), near the village of Sarto.
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Canada Sheep & Lamb Farms Ltd.
Box 37
(32080 Road 28N)
Sarto, MB
(204) 434-6456
What we do
We're a one-stop shop for your breeding needs. We sell top quality breeding stock and provide on-farm training to help you maximize your profitability. Our lamb is also available for purchase.